Having a Kid is a Helluva Ride…


It’s a good thing I enjoy cleaning because the job is never ending. If it isn’t dinner all over the floor, it’s her new interest that involves taking everything from where it belongs and spreading it all over the floor. On the plus side Bradley is learning to feed herself!



So this shit happened the other day. Definitely something I never thought I would see or have to clean. Note that she wasn’t crying the entire time. She was actually having a grand ole time playing in her poo and when I walked in she showed me the poop on her hands like it was a play toy.  Not until I yelled, “Oh My….Shit!” and slightly panicked did she start crying.

“It happens…” “What? Shit” “Sometimes…” -Forrest Gump



Our little girl is One!! I can not believe just a short year ago I was in writhing pain and so sad because all I wanted to do was be able to hold, snuggle and love on my little girl. I have definitely made up for those first few days with hours and hours of loving on my little angel. While I couldn’t keep my Sim babies alive to save my life I am doing a pretty awesome job with this one!!



It’s crazy to me how my husband can go to the store or anywhere with Bradley and  ‘women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano’ to him. Seriously though it’s like women can smell ‘daddy‘ or ‘husband material’ radiating off him.

I go out with my baby and I repel men, they run in the other direction. Unlike my husbands experiences, I would never have a man come up to me and say, ‘Oh …she’s cute. How old is she? What’s her name? blah blah blah’  I don’t need a man to hit on me to feel good about myself, but it never sucks.


IMG_5008I never understood when parents would say they love their children so much they could eat them. I do now. It’s like hugging this adorable little thing and kissing her a million times just isn’t enough that eating her would be the only action left to take.



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